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December 22 • The return of the Headmaster's 'End of Year' reports on the 20 top ranked pupils in the 4BR sixth form school.

I connected a wire, about 6 meters long, to the spark gap, and threw together a simple AM receiver connected to a dipole antenna (also 6 meters), and went outside with my slave (sister). The signal got too weak about 30 meters away. With a better receiver I guess a few hundred meters is possible using this transmitter, but (fortunately) it's not suited for DXing.

Consisting of a guy bracket and 30m respectively 60m guy rope made of black, ultra-violet resistant DACRON (Polyester) material;, only 3 mm thick, rupture force 150 kg.

I bought my GAP Titan DX antenna in 2001 when I reactivated my interest in ham HF. My original installation was mounted on an 8 foot steel pipe on the surface of the ground and 4 point guyed. After several months of “testing” and confirming approximately 80 DX countries, I relocated the antenna to a push up mast with the antenna base at 30 feet and guyed accordingly (I do not recommend using a push up mast – the material is too flimsy for the wind loading on the antenna). My newest mounting is with a 12 foot steel pipe mast and the Quick-Tilt mount firmly anchored in the ground. The Titan DX is an amazing antenna, performs very well and other than performing some minor maintenance after 12+ years of use has been worry free. Now if we could just do the figures on how to phase two, three or four of these fabulous antennae………………

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The Gap Band Gap Band 8The Gap Band Gap Band 8The Gap Band Gap Band 8The Gap Band Gap Band 8